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Kyra Goldman is a singer/songwriter who is discovering her Jewish roots. Having always had a spiritual curiosity, she started writing about her life and spiritual journey as soon as she picked up the guitar at age 14. She has since shared her music with hundreds of audiences across the country and internationally.


Her latest songs could be described as, "acoustic-music with Jewish soul." Kyra has always enjoyed a diversity of sounds and her debut album, "By the Light," blends everything from Soul, Jazz, Bossa-Nova,  Gospel ,Hip-Hop, and Reggae into her folk-rock singer/songwriter style. Her Hanukkah  single, "Nes Gadol Haya Sham (A Great Miracle Happened There)" has a Middle-Eastern vibe and was recorded with all Israeli musicians in Tel Aviv.


Kyra has been a guest on international television and radio programs and has songs published with Universal Music Publishing Group. Stay tuned for her next single which is being recorded and filmed in Israel and will be released in May 2018.  




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Kyra Goldman in Red Bluff California

Opening Illumination Fest