Kyra Goldman is a singer/songwriter who has discovered her Jewish roots. Having always had a spiritual curiosity, she started writing about her life and spiritual journey as a teenager and naturally headed towards a career in religious music. She traveled across the country and sang internationally mainly in the gospel genre. She released a full album and several short albums with her diverse blend of Acoustic-Rock, Jazz, Bossa-Nova, Reggae and Gospel, won several songwriting contests, was published by Universal Music Publishing Group and was featured on international television and radio programs. But it was a trip to Israel in the middle of a concert tour that changed the direction of her life. 


"I always had a burning feeling in my heart to go to Israel and when I finally went it felt so familiar like I had been there many times before" she said. "I was intrigued to find out where these strong feelings were coming from and I realized I needed to explore the part of myself that felt so connected to Israel."  Upon returning, Kyra began learning about Judaism and found herself on a path that felt like coming home. 


Kyra has since released music videos for her Hanukkah single, "Nes Gadol Haya Sham (A Great Miracle Happened There)" and "Lion Waking Up," which were both recorded and filmed in Israel with an all Israeli film crew and musicians. She is now a cantoral soloist at services and b'nai mitzvahs at Temple Kol Emeth in Marietta, GA and shares her singer/songwriter style songs as well as liturgy with new melodies.  


Kyra says, "My goal now is to use my music to facilitate feelings of connection and community, and of course, to spread goodness in the world! I love sharing my own story and exploring the new area of writing liturgy. Making that a part of my life and now co-writing and learning from other Jewish artists has been a really wonderful experience."




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