Kyra is a thoughtful singer/songwriter influenced by many styles from folk/rock to jazz, gospel, bossa-nova, reggae and all kinds of world music, Kyra has a unique soulful sound and sings her original songs at congregations and events all over the country and internationally. She has been writing, storytelling and singing from a young age having grown up in a family of artists, musicians, writers and teachers. Kyra recently released her 13-song debut album, By the Light, and a four-song version, translated into Hebrew and has her song Psalm 116 on the Bethel album Here in America. She has three music videos, "Nes Gadol Haya Sham", which was recorded and filmed in Israel, "I'm So Sorry," filmed in Amsterdam and "Oil Run Down" in California. Kyra has been a guest on national Television shows "Jewish Voice" with Jonathan Bernis and "Babbie's House" with Babbie Mason. She has been featured on the German Television program, Gott Sei Dank, on Atlanta's The Victory 91.5 and Love860, the Dutch National Christian Radio, Groot Nieuws Radio, and other national and local programs. She has songs published with Universal Music Publishing Group and has shared her songs all over the US and has had two European tours.


“Kyra is the real deal; authentic, complex and simple. Her music is pure, her lyrics are thought provoking. If you’re the kind of listener who likes to check your brain at the door, find another artist. This chick brings a Joni Mitchell flavor to her diverse lyrical landscape. Prepare to be amazed.” – Anita Renfroe, Comedian and Writer

“If I was a record label, I’d sign her today.” -Greg Long of Avalon

Fact Sheet

- Shared the stage or opened for such artists as Paul Wilber, Jars of Clay, D.A. Truth, Ambassador, Greg Sczebel, TheBreax, Akintunde, Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band, Lisa McClendon, and Chandra Currelley.

- Recorded a demo with Universal Music Publishing Group in Nashville and has co-written songs with Dwight Liles and Chapin Harford

- Appeared on TV programs Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, Babbie’s House, Atlanta Live and Nite Line.

-Won 1st place in songwriting at the Babbie Mason Music conference in 2005 and 3rd place in 2004,  won the online battle of the bands at in 2011 to open Illumination Festival in Northern California

-Has performed all over the US and in Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, England, and The Netherlands. Venues include the MJAA Messiah Conference, Fort Benning Military Base, Centennial Park in Atlanta, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in TX, Candler Park in Atlanta, the APEX museum in Atlanta, and all kinds of churches, congregations,  festivals, conferences, parties, weddings, house concerts, cafes, malls, stores, restaurants, museums, parks, and prayer meetings.

- Judged North Dekalb Mall Idol 4 different times

-Has been featured on the Rise & Stein show on the Victory 91.5, Groot Nieuws Radio in The Netherlands and on The Scribal Advance and Food for Your Soul the Radio Show with India Hines on Love860.
-Has been featured on the German TV program, Gott Sei Dank